• 21Oct

    This post could be considered as a bit of a rant but it is my site after all. :)

    I  receive numerous emails from people wanting to know my charges for various jobs. That’s great because I am here to help people using the skills I possess. However, after sending that email, I find that many people don’t bother to reply, whether it’s to accept or reject the quote or simply to say “thank you. I received your email and will get back to you shortly.”

    Is it because people don’t have manners and don’t like to communicate? Is it because they’re afraid to say they don’t wish to use my services? I don’t bite. For those who know me, that’s actually impossible.

    I really would like some feedback on this post…whether you just want to share your opinion with me privately or wish to post it as a comment, either way is fine with me but don’t be shy and assume others will reply when you should do so instead.

    I’m waiting.   :)

    Posted by Laurence on October 21, 2012 at 19:30

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