Nearly Christmas Already?

This year is flying by so fast. I don’t know about you but the fact that next month is Christmas and then we will be into 2013 amazes me. Think back to last New Year’s Eve; did you make some resolutions? Have you kept them or did you manage to break every single one of them over the months since then?

Whether you work, study, live a life of retirement or anything else, you should always set goals so you have something to aim for. Otherwise your life can easily drift or fall into a slump.

Have you been looking after your health? Eating right? Exercising regularly?

If not, it’s time to start thinking about the resolutions for next year. Make 2013 an even better year than 2012 is/will be/was. The only person standing in the way of you achieving anything you want to is…… YOU!

I have already started my resolution list because I also didn’t manage to keep all mine. Nobody’s perfect but if we keep setting goals, it’s a good start to keep your life moving in a forward pace rather than stopping or reversing.

Next month I will share my goals for next year and I encourage you all to do the same, whether it’s with me or your family and/or friends. Telling others is making a bigger commitment so are you up to that challenge???

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