• 10Dec

    Well, today is my birthday. No special landmark but another year older and I decided to take a day off from working for myself and go and see a movie. When  they swiped my membership card, they said I had a free ticket so I saved $15.50.

    Later, when I was shopping, I got to the register and discovered they had a deal where you spend $50 or more and get $10 off. So I saved $25.50 although that was not my intention when I went out.

    Whether it’s fate, karma or just luck, who knows – but when good things happen, I just enjoy them. :)

    Thanks to the “miracle” of the internet and Facebook, I had a ton of birthday wishes messages from various friends and family from within Australia and overseas as well. It’s nice to know that people do care enough to send a simple message.

    So how do you spend your birthday? Alone? With friends? With family? Or do you work on your birthday? I would love to hear your responses.

    Posted by Laurence on December 10, 2012 at 19:14

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