It’s May and Time is flying by so fast

I find it amazing that it’s already May. One third of 2013 has already passed us by. Are you achieving your goals for this year? Has it been a good or bad year so far? If it’s bad, then it’s time to turn it around.

Are you working too hard? Then you need a break. I had a short break a couple of weeks ago and I found that it definitely recharged my batteries. I see so many people say they “have no time” to take a break and yet, if they looked at how productive they really are, they would find that a break would reinvigorate them so they can then increase productivity.

I enjoy reading the emails I receive as a result of my posts and I would love to hear your opinions on holidays and how they affect your own productivity. When was the last time you had a break? Arte you about to have one?

Please come and share your thoughts, either as comments or privately, so we can all benefit¬† from each other’s experiences.

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