Pricing of Articles and other Content

I feel that I need to post because of the number of emails I receive asking about my prices. I haven’t been listing prices because they can vary depending on a person’s needs. However, I seem to be getting so many inquiries from people that don’t seem to want to pay for quality that I have now decided that I will list my basic prices so that it saves me time and hassle debating with people.

It seems there are a lot of people who want to pay as little as possible and yet they demand the absolute highest quality. For example, $1 per article is what some think is a fair price. So, to those people, I say – good luck! I am not a writer that produces poor quality material and therefore I am not prepared to charge low rates.

Written material forms the backbone of all websites so if you don’t have good quality material, it will cost you money. I have seen a lot of sites with a LOT of errors and they don’t seem to care.

I also get asked to proofread material that clients have paid other writers to write because it is full of mistakes. With me you get work that is 100%  free from grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Why pay twice?

Remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! I am NOT a monkey. :)

So, please check out my prices and then email me if you have questions or wish to place an order.



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