Have You Had Good Or Bad Customer Service Experiences From Your ISP?

I wonder if other people experience the same thing I have. I have my internet with Bigpond. Yesterday morning my internet started dropping out and the whole day yesterday and today it kept dropping out. I rang yesterday morning and they said they would escalate the call and I would hear within 24 hours.

No surprise when I didn’t hear so I rang again this morning and was told I had to ring a different number. i rang the new number and they said the first person hadn’t created the right complaint escalation so they did it and promised I would be rung within 8 hours.

No call so I ring again and eventually get through to a lady who spent 40 mins on the phone, talking me through various things and eventually the problem is fixed (I hope)…

I asked to speak to her supervisor to give praise for her work and to complain about the other staff members’ work. he said he will “look into it.” I just find it amazing that the first 3 people did nothing to help when the 4th one did everything.

That’s my rant for the day.  :)



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