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    I receive a lot of comments on my site but many of them turn out to be spam. Some read like they are supposed to be genuine comments but use fake addresses. I monitor all comments and have to approve them before they can appear.

    If you want your comment approved, you need to use an email address that works and write a proper comment.

    Posted by Laurence on July 14, 2013 at 05:03

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  • vtp Says:

    Hi Laurence
    I wonder if one of those devices that gets you to enter a weird set of letters or numbers before it allows entry will do the trick. I know when I had a former blog where I let everyone post I was getting far more spammers than genuine posts. I could find where most of them were coming from but that was taking up more time than it was worth. I found taking the long cut rather than the short cut was actually far more effective.

    I was getting stupid spellings from loads of places with phrases like “yuor blig is goot with comments brill!” I even made a few posts myself saying even though I am dyslexic and “can” understand these posts I would rather they be written in English and not be copied from other peoples’ mistaken messages of robotic design.

    As I was spending too much time I decided to pull the blog until I could work out a more effective system. I put it down as part of my learning curve :)

    I noticed that most of the time if not all of the time any who had their questions answered never returned came back.
    Anyway all the best and stys

  • Laurence Says:

    Hi Vince,

    I assume you mean a CAPTCHA code. I find it easier to simply screen the posts. I get mostly spam and it’s a short process to go through and delete them. Yours I always approve of course. If I am unsure, I email the person and generally it bounces which tells me it’s spam.

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