Self-Improvement Is a Disease

Are you constantly trying to find ways to “improve yourself? Maybe it’s new clothes, a new house, a brand new car, expensive holidays or your body image. Sad to say, millions of people aim to “improve themselves” all the time, while not realising the truth.

The truth is this –

You CAN’T improve yourself because there’s NOTHING wrong with you!

I’m going to say that again because this one sentence is the critical basis of this article and of life itself, so it’s certainly worth repeating.

The truth is this –

You CAN’T improve yourself because there’s NOTHING wrong with you!

Sure, most people like living in a big house and having a nice, shiny new car to drive in. Yes, people like great jobs where they can make bucket loads of money to buy more stuff they don’t need to replace the stuff they didn’t need before. Yes, some people want to keep in shape and others want to lose weight.

The key to all this is very simple, once you fully understand it. You don’t have to compete with your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and other people in your life.

The only reason you should have for wanting anything in life is because YOU want it, not because you’re “keeping up with the Joneses.” You already have all the abilities you need to make a success of your life, even though you may not realise it yet.

Millions of people read self-help books and attend lectures and seminars by such people as Tony Robbins, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs, in the hope that they’ll find the key ingredient they need to make their life as successful as they believe possible.

There’s a thought process that most people go through and many do it subconsciously. As an example, if a man weighed 92 kgs but he really wanted to be sitting at 86 kgs, then, he’ll generally tell himself that he has to be below 92 kg. So he goes to the gym and, before stepping on the treadmill, he sets it for 92 kg.

This thinking is WRONG. If the focus is the 92 kgs, he’ll never break it because he’s focused on the current number (the now) and not on the future goal. He should be keying in 86kgs. That’s the focus. You don’t attract the things you want. You only attract the things you focus on.

It really is that simple (even though some goals may be more challenging than others), but they’re achievable once the focus is on the right target.

So, if you change your focus/perspective regarding your weight (or anything else, for that matter), the things you focus on will change.

This disease called “Self-Improvement” is described as such because it spreads from person to person faster than many diseases and nobody is safe UNTIL they change their way of thinking.

Everyone is born, lives and dies. What happens in between is an endless series of limitless possibilities, restricted only by your imagination. As you age, you’ll learn more about life and all its challenges. Whether you get knocked down or stand your ground is up to you.

However, if you get knocked down, what happens next is also up to you. If you stay down, you’ll allow yourself to be defeated. If, on the other hand, you get back up again, you’re saying to the world “Hey world! I’m ready for some more!”

You only get one life. When you’re near the end, wouldn’t you rather look back on achievements and memories instead of a life with lots of past regrets? The choices are now up to you!

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