Even Nigerian Princes Demand the BEST Ghost Writers!

Dear fellow business owner,

I just can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Hopefully, most of you are already aware of advance-fee scams, sometimes known as “419” scams, named after the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code that deals with fraud.

The idea is that the victim is contacted by someone claiming to be a Nigerian Prince who needs help moving millions of dollars, and is more than willing to share, but first they need just a tiny bit of help from the victim, just a measly few thousand dollars to cover bribes, etc.

According to Ultrascan AGI, victims are losing almost US $13 Billion a year from this scam… but apparently, that’s just not enough! So one of these cretins actually had the gall to contact me the other day, asking for my help to rewrite their entire email sequence.

Yes, you read that right: The infamous “Nigerian Prince” gang wanted me, Laurence Pollwade, to ghost-write all of the emails they use to steal billions of dollars with their confidence tricks. Apparently, they’re not satisfied with their conversion rate, and need even more money.

I’m sure you can imagine what I told them they can do with their offer. :)

Oh, and speaking of money, they told me that, as far as my own fees are concerned,
“money is no object.” LOL!! (As if I’d ever see any payment from them!)

After I stopped rolling around and laughing, I picked myself up off the floor and started thinking… what would come next? Would these guys want to start video marketing? THAT would be funny! You know all about video marketing, of course. A short video gives you a chance to introduce your business in an engaging fashion, letting your potential customers see what you have to offer, and helping them to remember that you offer the best solution for their wants and needs.

YouTube reaches a billion people now, and we watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every single day. That’s why you need to expand your business on YouTube as well!

I’d much rather ghost-write for you, rather than for some scammer! So I’m going to experiment with a new video creation service, a joint effort with two other accomplished individuals in their respective fields.

Since I’m going on holiday in two weeks, I calculated that I can only take on ten short projects, and I wanted to give you first crack at one of these ten slots. My team and I are ready and willing to create your next video at a stunning 80% discount, but only if you act right now!!

Don’t miss out on your slot. Click here to get your video.

(Nigerian Princes need not apply!)

Thank you,

Laurence Pollwade.
Your Favourite Ghostwriter.

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