Where did the first 7 months go?

Can you believe it’s August now? I think that each year we get older and somehow it makes time seem to fly by faster. I know that’s impossible but it’s true. So have you met your goals for 2016 yet? The ones you made on New Year’s Eve? Or have you forgotten all about them and are just cruising by until the end of the year to make new ones?

It’s essential that you have plenty of short, medium and long term goals so you always have things to strive for. It helps keep you focused and relieves any “boredom” you may experience. Is your business flourishing or are you having a quiet time? I know it has been quiet for me over the last few months and I suspect it’s more to do with the events happening in various countries right now.

Anyway, keep goal setting and moving forward. That’s the only way to achieve anything in life. If I can be of assistance, please let me know too.


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