• 02Jan

    Can you believe it’s now 2017?

    It’s the start of a brand new year and hope it will be a terrific year in every way. If you want to be happy, healthy and prosperous, then 2017 is the year for you!

    Start positive and stay positive. That is my new motto! Why not make it yours as well?

    Posted by Laurence on January 2, 2017 at 20:13

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  • vince Says:

    Hi Laurence
    I start a brand new year every day he he. I find just removing the negativity leaves me in the right frame of mind and as you know I am out of mine most of the time :)

    How are things going for you?

    I am a big fan of being present in the now time as now is the only real time that you can do anything with. e.g. yesterday is no longer here to do anything with and the future is not here so you can’t do anything in it so all that is , is here now. the beauty of doing stuff now means that you can have a better future as a result of what you do now.

    I like my jingle to keep me on track it works for whatever you would like to master no matter what it is. i am thinking of having some badges with it printed on :)

    Another saying i like is….When you do something ask yourself does it work, if the answer is yes do more of it and if the answer is no then stop doing it. :)

    All the best to you my friend

  • vince Says:

    Just remembered that your time is 11 hours ahead of mine as now your yesterday is my today and my tomorrow time is your today. No wonder people are confused about time as Einstien may have said it is an illusion albeit a persistent one :)

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