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    Can you believe it’s May already? I’m amazed that each year time seems to be going so fast. Perhaps it’s because I’m always so busy, what with moving to a new home, all the house-hunting, packing, unpacking and everything else that needs to be done.

    I wonder…how many of you are keeping busy and achieving the goals you set for yourself on New Year’s Eve? I have achieved some of mine and still always more to achieve. That’s the trick with goals; always have more so when you finally have a win, you’re not feeling lost because you have nothing to strive for.

    Care to share some of your goals? I look forward to reading some of your replies.


    Posted by Laurence on May 7, 2017 at 12:43

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  • Vince Says:

    Hi Laurence
    I am getting to grips with my official retirement that occurred last week :) I went away on holiday to celebrate so I went away a youth and came back an old age pensioner he he.

    I of course think retirement is for the dead so I will probably be doing more than I have ever done before and have the added bonus of having the years of experience behind me.

    I have the knack now of doing less and achieving more and like goals or life designs once you achieve them then I always have others to strive for although with my least effort philosophy my goals come to me.

    e.g. I had a car that was ready for the knackers yard so I put my manifestation hat on and asked for a newer car that I could rely on. I fancied a silver Volvo that had some clout in the engine and looked smart. Within 3 months of my request I was given one with a market value of about £3,500.

    Now that may be unusual for some people but to me it proved that the system I use works for me.

    Meanwhile back on the ranch, I have a few books to write and some affiliate marketing to do so my list building goals will be implemented within the next 2 weeks, however I will not be rushed or do lots of work as doing less and achieving more sounds a lot better to me. Anyway Laurence how are you doing and have you settled in to your new place?
    Best wishes

  • Laurence Says:

    Nice to hear from you as always, Vince.
    Also good to hear things are still falling into place for you.
    Now you’re a “retired young chap,” you’ll probably find you’re busier than ever. If you ever need assistance, especially with editing/proofreading, you know where I am.
    I am settled here now, after 3.5 months, and also am pleased to report that April and May were very busy for me with new and existing clients. I am now writing a few books for various people myself.
    I wish you all the best, my friend, and may life continue to smile at you.

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