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    Do you set fresh goals on New Year’s Eve? Perhaps you’re self-employed and you have plenty of short, medium and long goals. Do you have them written down? If they’re not in writing, you’re not serious about achieving them.

    An unwritten goal is simply a dream. It’s hardly surprising that you don’t hit your goals when you don’t have any. Start setting your own goals, whether personal, business or both. Make sure you have deadlines set for each one. Then you’ll take it all much more seriously. Goals may be minor, medium or major/life-changing and you can never have too many goals.

    So the big question is this: when will you start goal-setting or when will you create more goals to help keep you motivated.

    Posted by Laurence on October 5, 2017 at 19:27

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  • vtp Says:

    We all set goals but many don’t realise that we do and of course by not realising we have set them do not realise we have achieved them.

    Some of our goals are big and some are little we can choose whatever we like as a goal e.g. I had a goal of paying my mortgage off before i had to and I achieved it.
    I also went on holiday this year as a celebration of reaching retirement age.

    To help people design their goals there is a software that is very useful called xmind which I find very good for the purpose and of course it is a way of writing them down so we can measure our progress.

    How are things with you Laurence?

  • Laurence Says:

    I will send you an email, my friend. :)

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