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    Have you noticed that you used to earn more money several years ago than you do today? If so, there’s a serious reason and if you don’t read this post, you’ll keep stumbling blindly.



    You shouldn’t blog. It’s a waste of time.

    I’ll explain. I run a blog. I have this blog since 2009. I have written hundreds of articles. At the last count, I had 349 unique articles.

    My blog never got traffic. Maybe I’ve got 50 – 100 people per week, if I was lucky. I bet that most articles were never read. This is because people don’t visit small blogs. People spend time on Facebook and YouTube. If they visit any blogs, they visit authority sites that are worldwide known.

    So, all my time invested blogging, 500 hours or maybe even 1000 brought me nothing of value.

    However, there is something that brought me clients and new connections. This is social media. While long form articles on my blog barely got any traffic, my posts on social media worked well.

    And this is the new paradigm.

    Sure, websites still work. People still type “www.” However, we spend most of our time on major platforms. YouTube IS the Internet. Facebook IS the Internet. Wikipedia IS the Internet.

    A small minority of websites, most of them being social networks or consumption websites are where people spend most of their time.

    Let me give you an analogy.

    You want to pick up beautiful girls. Once upon a time, in 2003, you’ve learned that the way to do this is to make yourself easy to find, to “optimize” yourself. This worked for a while. You’ve got yourself a cool suit and girls used to come at you, all the time.

    However, year by year, fewer girls came, none came at all. So you’re walking up and down the street, in your cool suit but no girl is coming to you. You wonder what you’re doing wrong. You buy a better suit. Yet, nobody is paying any attention.

    Then one day you discover that all the hot girls are in three clubs across the town and that if you want to meet them that’s the place to be.


    In 2003, Google was king. Content was king. If you wanted money and traffic, you built back-links, you optimized your site, you wrote content, you did stuff that got you on the first page of Google or MSN or Yahoo.

    And this worked so damn well. So many people made fortunes from free organic traffic. But years passed and two things happened.

    If in 2003 you had ten competitors, in 2013 you have 1000 competitors for the same SERP position. Second, if in 2003 everyone used Google to consume information and to find solutions, now everyone is using Facebook. Facebook is the home page of the Internet, not Reddit, not Google.

    So it became harder, and the market became smaller.

    In the meantime, more people used YouTube or Facebook. More people contained their online life, no matter if it is music or friends or networking to such networks. The main social networks and video sites became the hot spots, the place where you as a marketer can find the most customers.

    So if you want to blog, sure, blog, but do it where there are people.

    Do it on YouTube where you have access to an easy audience or do it on Facebook where you have better reach and access. Go where there’s a crowd already and sell to them. Nobody will find you if nobody is searching for you.

    So, from now on, I blog only on social media because blogs are dead. Sure, with enough effort I can make it work but the same effort can bring me a 3X ROI on Facebook. And while SEO matters, blogging matters, nice websites matter, I’m feeling that their glory days have long passed.

    What’s easier – to get people to come to your site again and again or to post something and for your post to reach the feed of hundreds or thousands of people on a platform we visit 20 – 25 times a day?

    Social media is here to stay and the influencers of tomorrow are not those with the biggest email lists or the best blogs but the ones with followers on LinkedIn, friends on Facebook and followers on Instagram.

    This post was written by my friend, Razvan, and here’s the link to his Facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/razvan.rogoz.165


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