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A Good Resume is the Key to a Better Future

Are you working full time and wanting to change jobs? Perhaps you don’t currently have a job but need to earn money so you want to find a job you can do, whether part time or full time.
If you don’t have a well-presented resume, you stand almost no chance of securing that terrific job you saw advertised.

You may have what you call a resume but it might be very rough, just a bullet point list of things with no sense of order, and one that’s very hard to understand. If so, again you stand zero chance of getting an interview, let alone securing the job you seek.

During the course of my career, I have read several thousand resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates for different positions. I have also helped people by transforming their poorly written documents into good quality resumes that give potential employers enough clear information about the candidates that they would be happy to arrange interviews.

The bottom line is that you can’t be objective about your own resume. You’re better off asking for my help because I can provide an objective perspective and give you a better chance of more interviews. So, if you want my help, just click here

Is Time Moving Too Fast?

Can you believe that three months of 2018 have already gone? Are you well on your way to achieving all your goals for the year? If not, perhaps you should revisit your list and adjust it, somewhat more realistically, and prioritise the tasks in a more accurate order.

If you need help with writing and/or editing tasks, allow me to help you so you can focus on other jobs that need your attention, regardless of whether they’re online or offline.

Are you allowing yourself enough time to rest and relax so you can recharge your batteries? People can be compared to batteries in that they need to be fully charged to work properly or they’ll completely lose their charge. If you don’t get enough good quality sleep at night and sufficient rest during the day, you’ll eventually be forced to stop doing everything and rest for enough time that you can cope with everything you do to make money and enjoy life.

You have nine months of this year left. You only get 24 hours each day, the same as everyone else. Use it wisely because you’ll never get it back, regardless of how much good quality sleep and rest you can get every day. Be smart when making your decisions and don’t live to work; WORK TO LIVE!

Before and After

Hello readers. I hope life is treating you well.

I have been asked numerous times if I can show potential clients a “before” and “after” sample of my editing/proofreading. Because I do mostly ghostwriting/editing/proofreading, I can’t share even part of the work I have been given…hence the need for this example. It shows a post (a client gave me and authorised me to use it) a client gave me, and what I did to polish it for publishing.

Simply click this link and you’ll see the post in its entirety because it’s the “before” and “after post (before the client gave me the task of editing and proofreading it). Perhaps it will help you understand the value of a second opinion. Please ask me if you have any questions.

Who’s On Track To Achieve Their Goals?

Do you set fresh goals on New Year’s Eve? Perhaps you’re self-employed and you have plenty of short, medium and long goals. Do you have them written down? If they’re not in writing, you’re not serious about achieving them.

An unwritten goal is simply a dream. It’s hardly surprising that you don’t hit your goals when you don’t have any. Start setting your own goals, whether personal, business or both. Make sure you have deadlines set for each one. Then you’ll take it all much more seriously. Goals may be minor, medium or major/life-changing and you can never have too many goals.

So the big question is this: when will you start goal-setting or when will you create more goals to help keep you motivated.

Time is really flying

Are you finding that time appears to go by so fast? It seems like it’s going twice as fast as it used to be. Are you making enough money? It can be hard but if you’re not, then you do need to do more article marketing.

Add different places where you advertise.  Join more forums and Facebook pledges that are geared to writers and editors. You can never have too much work but you’ll know if that happens.

If you’re looking for a writer/editor/proofreader, I can certainly discuss your needs in more detail.


Three Weeks To Go!

In Australia, our end of financial year is the 30th June. So we have three weeks to go before it’s time to look at doing tax returns. The rest of the world does it differently, but many issues are generic.

Some companies wish to spend as much as they can for work-related expenses. Others have spent too much and need to tighten those purse strings until the 1st July.

I find mine are fairly straightforward but I know many who aren’t so I wish everybody in our great country best wishes in sorting out the yearly mess.

Time Stands Still For Nobody

Can you believe it’s May already? I’m amazed that each year time seems to be going so fast. Perhaps it’s because I’m always so busy, what with moving to a new home, all the house-hunting, packing, unpacking and everything else that needs to be done.

I wonder…how many of you are keeping busy and achieving the goals you set for yourself on New Year’s Eve? I have achieved some of mine and still always more to achieve. That’s the trick with goals; always have more so when you finally have a win, you’re not feeling lost because you have nothing to strive for.

Care to share some of your goals? I look forward to reading some of your replies.


Happy New Year one and all!!!

Can you believe it’s now 2017?

It’s the start of a brand new year and hope it will be a terrific year in every way. If you want to be happy, healthy and prosperous, then 2017 is the year for you!

Start positive and stay positive. That is my new motto! Why not make it yours as well?

How’s Life Treating You?

Greetings to all my subscribers, old and new!

It seems that 2016 is a challenging year for millions of people in numerous countries around the world. I live in Australia and our economy is going downhill faster than a keg of beer. The United Kingdom has its Brexit problem. The US has a wig-wearing, grumpy billionaire fighting to be the newest President of that country. Elsewhere in the world there are wars, terrorists carrying out the most daring attacks in history, and the planet itself is creating some of the strangest weather we have ever seen, thanks to global warming.

However, not everything has to be negative. The internet has made such huge advances in the last 25 years that a large percentage of people now work from home. Instead of putting on your suit every day and enduring heavy traffic or crowded public transport to go to a job for 8-10 hours every day, you can choose to work from home, maybe even while wearing your pyjamas.

That may sound impossible BUT millions of people do it. I have written numerous posts about working from home but now it’s even more relevant because people no longer have job security, lose jobs and still have bills to pay.

If you really want to know more about working from home, I’m in the process of re-doing a book I have written that explains some of the options available to you. That will be available for sale soon. In the meanwhile, I’ll post more regularly so please feel free to ask questions at any time and I’ll either give you the answer or point you in the right direction.

Don’t let the bad events happening in the world affect you if you can help it.

Take back control of your life, STARTING TODAY!

Where did the first 7 months go?

Can you believe it’s August now? I think that each year we get older and somehow it makes time seem to fly by faster. I know that’s impossible but it’s true. So have you met your goals for 2016 yet? The ones you made on New Year’s Eve? Or have you forgotten all about them and are just cruising by until the end of the year to make new ones?

It’s essential that you have plenty of short, medium and long term goals so you always have things to strive for. It helps keep you focused and relieves any “boredom” you may experience. Is your business flourishing or are you having a quiet time? I know it has been quiet for me over the last few months and I suspect it’s more to do with the events happening in various countries right now.

Anyway, keep goal setting and moving forward. That’s the only way to achieve anything in life. If I can be of assistance, please let me know too.


Even Nigerian Princes Demand the BEST Ghost Writers!

Dear fellow business owner,

I just can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Hopefully, most of you are already aware of advance-fee scams, sometimes known as “419” scams, named after the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code that deals with fraud.

The idea is that the victim is contacted by someone claiming to be a Nigerian Prince who needs help moving millions of dollars, and is more than willing to share, but first they need just a tiny bit of help from the victim, just a measly few thousand dollars to cover bribes, etc.

According to Ultrascan AGI, victims are losing almost US $13 Billion a year from this scam… but apparently, that’s just not enough! So one of these cretins actually had the gall to contact me the other day, asking for my help to rewrite their entire email sequence.

Yes, you read that right: The infamous “Nigerian Prince” gang wanted me, Laurence Pollwade, to ghost-write all of the emails they use to steal billions of dollars with their confidence tricks. Apparently, they’re not satisfied with their conversion rate, and need even more money.

I’m sure you can imagine what I told them they can do with their offer. :)

Oh, and speaking of money, they told me that, as far as my own fees are concerned,
“money is no object.” LOL!! (As if I’d ever see any payment from them!)

After I stopped rolling around and laughing, I picked myself up off the floor and started thinking… what would come next? Would these guys want to start video marketing? THAT would be funny! You know all about video marketing, of course. A short video gives you a chance to introduce your business in an engaging fashion, letting your potential customers see what you have to offer, and helping them to remember that you offer the best solution for their wants and needs.

YouTube reaches a billion people now, and we watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every single day. That’s why you need to expand your business on YouTube as well!

I’d much rather ghost-write for you, rather than for some scammer! So I’m going to experiment with a new video creation service, a joint effort with two other accomplished individuals in their respective fields.

Since I’m going on holiday in two weeks, I calculated that I can only take on ten short projects, and I wanted to give you first crack at one of these ten slots. My team and I are ready and willing to create your next video at a stunning 80% discount, but only if you act right now!!

Don’t miss out on your slot. Click here to get your video.

(Nigerian Princes need not apply!)

Thank you,

Laurence Pollwade.
Your Favourite Ghostwriter.

Australia’s End of Financial Year is Fast Approaching

Here downunder it’s nearing the end of the current financial year.  I know a lot of people tighten their belts and budgets between now and then. Do any of you do that? I know not all my readers are from Australia so this doesn’t apply to them now. But even in other countries, do you find it happens for you?

I have noticed the workload has lightened quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. If anybody is in need of a great writer/editor/proofreader, or if you know anybody in need of my services, please let me know.

2016 is Flying By

I haven’t posted here for a few months as I have been busy with other things including: some writing and editing, revamping the way I look after my health, doing more walking and now dieting as well. I’m trying to become a healthier version of myself.

So many people work too many hours that they don’t get time to wind down and relax when they’re not at work. Be kind to yourself. Take regular breaks and holidays. YOU deserve it. 

So take your life in your hands and mold it into a better version of yourself, where you DO have holidays and enjoy life in general. Keep work and home life separate and your quality of life will be much better than before.

November is here and Christmas just around the corner.

Can you believe it? November has arrived and some shops already have Christmas decorations up and that type of merchandise in their stores. It seems that people can do their own thing for the rest of the year but they get together on one day, buy gifts for others, receive gifts, some of which they didn’t really want or need, and have a fun day.

Most people eat and drink too much and there are always leftovers for the next few days, regardless of how much food was eaten.

I feel sorry for the people who have lunch at one home and dinner at another because of bigger sized families. How do you possibly fit in a double helping of each food? I am glad I don’t have to do that.

If you want to enjoy the lead up to the “big day,” plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy gifts and food and drink and whatever else you need to make Christmas your own. Make a list, check it twice, and go shopping as soon as possible, while you have the chance, because nobody deserves the stress of shopping just before the stores close on Christmas Eve.

I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas. I really don’t as such. I look at it as a time for my parents, sister and I to get together and have a nice meal. I don’t drive so family time is nice when it happens.

There are plenty of other religions that don’t celebrate Christmas but December 25th doesn’t have to be acknowledged in that way if you don’t want to. Just enjoy life and time with loved ones and your day will be special.

If you’re working that day, especially in hotels and restaurants, enjoy helping others enjoy their day and you’ll feel good about that.

Regardless of what’s happening in the lead up to Christmas, I will be online every day, writing, editing and proofreading whatever I have to do and loving every minute of it.So get organised and plan ahead so you can relax when it’s time. Everybody deserves a break from whatever they normally do.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Apart from me, has anybody noticed that the older you get, the less time you seem to have to do the things you once took for granted? It’s important to remember that we only have today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes.

Basically it means you should maximise the amount of things you do in your day and enjoy every minute of it. Yes, some people face stressful jobs; others can’t get jobs; another group  can’t find work or aren’t looking; and then you have the online budding, or already successful, entrepreneurs.

Just because you now run your own business, you still have to keep up with everything in the rest of your life as well as in your business. DON’T let others dictate what you must do with your time. Only you can make that choice; whether it’s to hold down a job or work for yourself. All options have positives and negatives.

The bottom line is that you should inject some fun into everything you do every day. Then you’ll smile at work, laugh at stress and face your major challenges with a firm, determined expression on your face and the hint of a smile on your lips.

It’s YOUR life so make the “fun” decision every time and life will be much more enjoyable. IF anybody would like more tips on having fun, let me know. Meanwhile, smile for the rest of the day. Give it a try and you’ll start enjoying your life more…all the time, not just now and then.


Self-Improvement Is a Disease

Are you constantly trying to find ways to “improve yourself? Maybe it’s new clothes, a new house, a brand new car, expensive holidays or your body image. Sad to say, millions of people aim to “improve themselves” all the time, while not realising the truth.

The truth is this –

You CAN’T improve yourself because there’s NOTHING wrong with you!

I’m going to say that again because this one sentence is the critical basis of this article and of life itself, so it’s certainly worth repeating.

The truth is this –

You CAN’T improve yourself because there’s NOTHING wrong with you!

Sure, most people like living in a big house and having a nice, shiny new car to drive in. Yes, people like great jobs where they can make bucket loads of money to buy more stuff they don’t need to replace the stuff they didn’t need before. Yes, some people want to keep in shape and others want to lose weight.

The key to all this is very simple, once you fully understand it. You don’t have to compete with your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and other people in your life.

The only reason you should have for wanting anything in life is because YOU want it, not because you’re “keeping up with the Joneses.” You already have all the abilities you need to make a success of your life, even though you may not realise it yet.

Millions of people read self-help books and attend lectures and seminars by such people as Tony Robbins, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs, in the hope that they’ll find the key ingredient they need to make their life as successful as they believe possible.

There’s a thought process that most people go through and many do it subconsciously. As an example, if a man weighed 92 kgs but he really wanted to be sitting at 86 kgs, then, he’ll generally tell himself that he has to be below 92 kg. So he goes to the gym and, before stepping on the treadmill, he sets it for 92 kg.

This thinking is WRONG. If the focus is the 92 kgs, he’ll never break it because he’s focused on the current number (the now) and not on the future goal. He should be keying in 86kgs. That’s the focus. You don’t attract the things you want. You only attract the things you focus on.

It really is that simple (even though some goals may be more challenging than others), but they’re achievable once the focus is on the right target.

So, if you change your focus/perspective regarding your weight (or anything else, for that matter), the things you focus on will change.

This disease called “Self-Improvement” is described as such because it spreads from person to person faster than many diseases and nobody is safe UNTIL they change their way of thinking.

Everyone is born, lives and dies. What happens in between is an endless series of limitless possibilities, restricted only by your imagination. As you age, you’ll learn more about life and all its challenges. Whether you get knocked down or stand your ground is up to you.

However, if you get knocked down, what happens next is also up to you. If you stay down, you’ll allow yourself to be defeated. If, on the other hand, you get back up again, you’re saying to the world “Hey world! I’m ready for some more!”

You only get one life. When you’re near the end, wouldn’t you rather look back on achievements and memories instead of a life with lots of past regrets? The choices are now up to you!

2015 has been a Busy Year

I can’t believe that it’s already August. I truly wonder where the last seven months have gone. I feel like I have been so busy but haven’t gotten a lot done. I haven’t been posting in here as often as I wanted but I plan to do more between now and the end of the year.

If any of you have need of my writing, editing and proofreading services, don’t hesitate to send me through an email with your specific needs and I can give you a quote. The more info you supply, the easier it will be for me to give you an accurate quote and turnaround time.

I hope that 2015 has been, and will continue to be, successful for everybody in every way.

It’s now 2015!

Well, can you believe it? It’s now 2015. Another Christmas and New Year have come and gone. I hope you all had a good time with family and friends and that you also made some firm New Year’s Resolutions. I know I did.

I know I haven’t been posting much lately but that is because I have been kept very busy by new and existing clients and it looks like this year is shaping up to be another great year as well.

Never let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. If you do, you’ll never succeed at anything.

Be positive and remember: Tomorrow is yet to be written, Yesterday is gone. Today is the Present. A gift of 24 hours and it’s all yours to do with as you see fit. Nobody gets more or less than anybody else so don’t waste it because once today is gone, it isn’t coming back.

I plan to post more this year so please spread the word. Let your friends know and get them to subscribe too. May this year bring you everything you ever wanted and a whole lot more as well.


Merry Christmas

I hope that everybody is having a great time, whether you celebrate Christmas or something else. The name is not important. It’s spending time with family and friends, loved ones and those you don’t see as often as you would like. It’s eating more than you should. It’s exchanging gifts you either want, need or deserve.

It’s also the celebration of the end of another year, whether good or bad, and the promise of good things to come in 2015. I sincerely hope that the New Year is a healthy, happy and prosperous one for you and your family, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Make some New Year’s resolutions ONLY if you intend to keep them. Otherwise there’s no real point.

Above all, love, laugh and be happy because that’s all you have to do to enjoy yourself, whether it’s at work, at school or at home.

My holiday

A five day break from work is great at any time. I really enjoyed my time away from my desk and home and got to meet three terrific people at the same time.  You will always benefit from a holiday, regardless of the length so treat yourself to at least one break every year.